Luck.           Money.             Magick.

Luck. Money. Magick.

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Inspired by The Wheel of Fortune, this blended oil has been steeped in all worlds that encompass alchemy. We all need a little magcik in our lives don’t we? In this blend we steep our oil first in oak moss, mandrake root, sage, jasmine flower, bay, oak moss, lavender, basil, clove, thyme, rosemary, dragons blood resin & copal and let it sit with all of its glorious intentions. Once it has achieved full potency we blend in a proprietary formula including frankincense, lotus, rose, basil, ginger & lemon. Once complete we take this a step further and enhance this formula with a green aventurine gem roller.

The Card itself has been re-imagined to encompass all aspects of alchemy and the divinity in master numbers and the power of symbols set to motion with ritual and intention.

Use Daily and with the affirmation I am able to manifest my dreams into tangible reality with ease.