Alchemies Childs products are artisanal blends of essential oils, resins, terpenes, natural plant based fragrances, phthalate free, paraben free and gluten free. Come find us in Store! We are located at 620 west 34th st unit A, Austin, tx 78705 inside the Bougie Buddha

Chakra Oils
Balance My Chakras
Take me to the Tarot Oils
Take Me To the Astro OIls


Light me up!

Organic Essential Oils

Our Essential Oils are the highest quality we could find, sourced through 100% certified organic farms. 

Lets Go!
Bring me clarity
Yes Please
Earth, Resin. oil & fire.
Bring me deeper into my practice
Bring on the Energetic Shield
Luck. Money. Magick
Al we need is Love



Events & Workshops


Cards & Stationary

Cards & Stationary

Alchemies Child Now offers,

Faire Direct!